Welcome To Black Lake New York

Welcome to beautiful Black Lake New York. Centered between the the towns of Hammond and Edwardsville, and north east of Watertown New York, lies this Fishermens Paradise. Black Lake produces alot of fish, including Perch, Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Bluegills, Sun Fish, Gar Pike, Muskie, and of course the Northern Pike. Pressure put on the lake over the past 10 years or so, has dramatically reduced the sizes of Northern Pike catches. This decline will hopefully decrease as more and more fishermen start practicing Catch and Release. The quantity of certain species has relatively always been bountiful, it is just the sizes of fish are not like they used to be.

About our Crew

We have well over 20 fishermen that come every year to Black Lake, for opening day of Pike season. Most of us have been coming here to Black Lake for over 10 years. A couple of fishermen have been here longer. Then there are 2 fishermen we consider pioneers, they fished for Northern Pike from canoes.

Now a days we all have cabins and pontoon boats. So as we all arrive, usually the Thursday before the 1st Saturday in May, we gather our poles and head out on that Friday for our annual crappie tournament. A fish fry is always available that evening for those interested. That night its just time to sit back and relax.

Well Saturday morning arrives quickly and it is time for the great Northern Pike season opener. The hunt is on for that exclusive bay or special area to fish. Every year turns out to be different from the previous. One year you may catch many Pike in a certain area and then come back to find nothing is hitting. Thats just the way fishing goes. No matter what we all have fun. Saturday and Sunday is our annual Northern Pike tournament.Anyone is welcome to come by and socialize with us. The more the people we have the bigger the prizes. Just introduce yourself and let someone know you want in our tournament.